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About Mehar Baba Charitable Trust

Mehar Baba Charitable Trust (MBCT) is a registered not for profit organization (reg. No. 3568) formed on 16th Sept 1998. As a policy MBCT keeps equidistance from all religious connotations and is non political. Empowering rural women and providing Medi-care, Edu-care, and Socio-care services by serving the population base of 2,69,994 underprivileged living in 187 villages in district Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab, India.

The Trust’s vision is to bridge the Urban-Rural gap in education, medicare, employment opportunities and to support children of parents below the poverty line in Punjab. MBCT develops women and youth through skills & computer training, health care, social awareness and much more.

MBCT is dedicated to empowering women in rural areas by making them independent and knowledgeable entrepreneurs and preserving a rich heritage. The women become breadwinners. This is achieved through vocational training, computer studies and spoken English programs. Women are trained in a marketable skill such as Garment Making, Phulkari Craft, Machine Embroidery, Aari Zardozi Embroidery and Rug Making. Already more than 500 women are in gainful employment working from their homes and in local boutiques, and few enterprising women have started their own garment boutiques. Some women have formed Self Help Groups to produce Phulkari Garments & imparting training to women.

The Trust has built 20,000 Sq ft community centre, farmhouses and a high tech high school is in development too. The community development centre in Punjab at Bassi Pathana which holds a computer centre, language lab, vocational centre, Women empowerment Enterprise and convention centre.

Women empowerment Enterprise, also known as ‘Phulkari Makers of Bassi Pathana’, where women are encouraged to work towards gaining commercial knowledge of their product like packing, finishing and marketing.

In 2009, MBCT opened a hockey nursery which promotes the game of Hockey to under privileged children between the ages of 4-16. Former National and International players are the program’s coaches developing new talent for the game.

The Trust opened a learning centre and a spoken English lab in Bassi Pathana to train girls in basic computer skills, networking, spoken English and manual & computerized accounting. MBCT helps these women to gain employment with a business the women can grow with.

The Trust has a few villages in sight, where training centres can be set up to become production hubs creating employment opportunities for poor rural women.

MBCT is a great charity with a worthy cause working towards empowering women with the skills and training required to become independent bread winners.

We hope that you will donate generously to our noble cause.