Managing Trustee Desk

Managing Trustee Hassan Singh Mejie

The Founder Trustee's vision, grit and resoluteness continues to inspire as I take the baton of continuing the journey of 'Sewa'. Since 2005, MBCT has made a measurable impact through programs run at the 20,000 sqft MBCT Community Centre, Bassi Pathana and outreach in 187 villages.

It is my endeavour to consolidate the good work of the past decade, building on our strengths in the villages to bridge the gap between urban and rural youth in regard to employment opportunities, reduce childhood malnutrition, engender equality and improve the status of Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH). Specialised projects will be planned under each objective to create vibrant villages. Most importantly, my focus shall remain on the projects initiated for creating model villages with the help of international research-based organisations viz. University of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA and School of Public Health, PGIMER.

The Trust reaffirms it's mission to enable lives of dignity and self reliance for the people living in these villages, especially for the under privileged.

Karamyogi Prof. Hardarshan Singh Mejie

Karamyogi Prof. Hardarshan Singh Mejie Completed his pilgrimage of service on Saturday 6th December 2014. He chose to continue his SEWA by donating his body to PGI for the benefit of humanity.

Go and find a place to serve…
Most memorable Ten Years of My Life

After an extremely busy and successful life of heading a major construction company internationally I decided to retire. Which I did in June 2004. But got a shock of my life, “What will I do.” This thought not only bugged me but was causing great stress. Not only time was hanging over me but like anyone else I too had a few medical problems which as time passed would only aggravate. I knew life is not going to be the same again.

I was still in Iraq. Fortunately Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji was our guest in Iraq and decided to seek his advice and guidance. I opened my heart out to him. I was so concerned that I had tears in my eyes. Having known about me, and hearing me out he issued a brief directive to “Go and find a place to SERVE.”
Within two months I shifted to BassiPathana, a small place about 35 Kms from Chandigarh, took up renovation of a dilapidated building of my close relation, and by April 2005 a proper building Mata HarnamKaur Community Deveolpment Centre was ready. This was dedicated to the local community- Our SEWA SANSTHAN and we were operational.
This is the humble beginning of Mehar Baba Charitable Trust (MBCT).
Today we serve 187 villages with a population of 2,09,339 people with quality medical care and train more than 700 girls and boys a year and enable them to get jobs. We have taken issues that the community needs most such as drinking water. We run a Hockey academy infusing fresh life and optimism in youth. We have strong linkages with University of Utah, USA, PGIMER Chandigarh, a host of other institutions, but above all, we have strong linkages with the community.
This has proved to be a turning point in my life. From a daytime engagement with business I have become involved 24 x 7 x 365. I knew life was not going to be same but that it would give me even more happiness and satisfaction than earning money. I did not know, I can never thank Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji enough.
Our Guru’s demand: We are obliged to those, who allow us to serve them and the achievements of our efforts are for others to judge.
I write this to share my story with my other friends – To inspire the retiring and the retired. Many lose sense of direction. Why waste all the experience, knowledge, expertise and the ability we have. We need to find a new direction. You are needed in this society as now is the time to give back. Giving gives happiness.
This will keep you away from worrying, give direction, energise you, and above all help keep you physically fit. The mantra is “remain involved”.