Phulkari Makers Bassi Pathana (PMBP)

Phulkari Makers Bassi Pathana

"The word Phulkari is synonymous with Punjab and its culture, the first written record of the word dating back to the Popular 18th century tragic romance 'Heer Ranjha' by Waris Shah.

Translating literally as floral work (from the Sanskrit "phul" for flower and "kari" for work), Phulkari was essentially a craft practiced by Punjabi women in their households after they had seen to their daily chores. The women of the family or community would gather together in groups called "Trijans" and collectively engage in embroidery, along with song, dance and, of course, a little gossip! They took inspiration for patterns and designs from their everyday lives, motifs including geometrical shapes; depictions of fruit, vegetables and flowers; bird and animals; household articles; jewellery; as well as period inspired Mughal gardens. The Phulkari was closely related to the life of a Punjabi girl- work on her first phulkari was begun by the maternal grandmother at her birth, she herself learned the craft through embroidering phulkari is for her wedding and, when the day came, she entered her new life draped in the most exquisite manifestation of the craft and years' labour of love.

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The Phulkari Makers of Bassi Pathana is a financially independent self-group which evolved organically out of the vocational training initiatives at Mehar Baba Charitable Trust in the year 2009. The phulkari artisans draw on the empowering narrative of Phulkari as a symbol and celebration of life to encourage the women of rural Punjab to acquire new skills through reviving old talents, to enable them to rediscover the self-confidence and self-esteem required to earn by their own industry and initiative, and to direct their personal agency towards claiming their rightful place as productive and valued members of society.

This phulkari was hand- embroidered by rural women artisans from Bassi Punjab, India.

MBCT Provides: Space-machinery-working capital and Mentor for guidance in all aspects including Marketing.

MBCT further plans to encourage the existing team members to move out within one year and develop independent Satellite units of PMBP in their own villages/houses.

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Phulkari Makers Bassi Pathana

A rural women enterprise supported by

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